Double your Opt-ins
Double your Conversions

That's the power of Survey Funnels

The Survey Funnel Approach

  • When you understand your prospects better than they do themselves, you have their attention
  • When you tailor your message to suit your prospects situation you make more sales
  • When you use quizzes for lead magnets you get more leads

Survey Funnels

Funnel:- Simply a thought through process to achieve the results you seek.  To be refined and optimised over time

Survey:- Asking questions to seek data to make better decisions.  Rather than relying on  "I know I'm right" or overthinking

Combined:- Survey Funnels creates a powerful and transformative approach to develop your business.

Business Builder Assessment

Discover the most important area for you to focus on right now


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Business Builder Assessment

When it comes to building your business, there is no one size fits all approach. Take this short assessment to discover the most important area for you to focus on right now

A simple sales system

Match the right message to the right people

Meaningful success comes from running your business with purpose and on purpose so you create more impact for more clients whilst you make more money without being stressed out.

It starts with a simple sales system, that matches the right message to the right people. Because everyone's situation is different and there is no one size fits all approach.

Now when it comes to growing your business there are so many competing priorities it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and lose the ability to make steady and consistent progress.

To help you overcome this challenge I've developed a business builder assessment tool that works out the number one thing you need to focus on in your business right now in order to make rapid progress.

Click the link below to discover whether you could be on track to doubling your business in the next 12-18 months, and what the next best step is for you and your business right now.

Business Builder Assessment

When it comes to building your business, there is no one size fits all approach. Take this short assessment to discover the most important area for you to focus on right now

Generating Leads

If generating a steady stream of qualified leads that are tuned into your message click here

Increasing Conversion

If improving your conversion rate from the leads you generate is your most pressing challenge click here

Freeing up Time

Tired of being run ragged?  Learn how to automate parts of your marketing and delivery to free you up more time to be brilliant click here

"Tim is a treasure! He takes a unique and holistic approach in helping business owners develop growth strategies and more effective teams. His insight, innovative thinking and processes are delivered in a calm and collected style, creating reassurance, but more importantly delivers real positive change and value."

Ian Robson
Managing Director - Robson Dowry Associates

"Inspirational, gritty, down to earth and no nonsense. Tim talks about quality, eye opening stuff to move businesses on. His no nonsense approach is refreshing. Highly recommended"

Victoria Green
Managing Director - VMOVE

"I can't recommend Tim highly enough: his direct approach, no nonsense style, high personal integrity (he won't do anything that doesn't add real value to customers ... no matter what), and clear objective focus on what will work and what won't is simply excellent. Tim makes things work!"

Guy Arnold
Founder - Sales through Service

"Tim really is a one off, he has a remarkable ability to take and analyse a problem and produce a solution in treble quick time, you cannot fail to be impressed by Tim's ability, Working with Tim helped me understand fundamental issues about the way I was working and in suggesting subtle changes he has enabled my company to move forward. Tim has been a constant support for advice and reassurance when those little moments of doubt crept in, he tells 'it' like it is i a simple language you'll understand.. If success is on your hit list then call Tim Johnson you won't be disappointed"

Chas Jordan
Managing Director - Fair Contract Associates

"Put simply, Tim has a brilliant mind. He has an unusual ability to think laterally whilst also maintaining a connection with what's in front of him and to create models out of concepts that enable others to take his otherwise complicated ideas and apply them to massive effect easily. Every business needs a Tim."

Tamsen Garrie
Managing Diretor - Alpha Associates